"His branches shall spread, and His beauty shall be as the olive tree" (Hosea 14:6)

Handmade Crafts of Olive Wood Christmas Statues

Christmas is a very special occasion for Christians all over the world. A few special things and ceremonies are associated with this festivity and celebration. These special ceremonies and products have their own unique significance and importance in the entire Christmas celebration. For past so many centuries Olive Wood has attained a special place in the Christmas celebrations. Crafting and making wonderful olive wood products was first started in the fourth century AB. Olive wood was used for wood crafting the very first time during the Byzantine rule in the Holy Land of Bethlehem City. It is believed to have started just after the construction of the Nativity Church.

The monks of the church taught local inhabitants of Bethlehem the art of carving olive wood. Very soon this amazing wood craft gained huge popularity all over. This art further developed and became the major source of revenue in Bethlehem and its nearby areas. The residents of various other small cities like Beit Sahour and Beit Jala also picked up the skill and technique of creating marvelous wood statues and other wood products out of symbolic olive wood. During the 16th and 17th centuries numerous Italian and Franciscan artisans also taught the locals the proper technique of wood carving. Since the 17th century, the tradition and knowledge of wood carving is being passed on from one generation to the other.

Even, in the modern era of today, the art of olive wood crafting continues to be a major source of earnings for Bethlehem's Palestinian Christian families. As several thousands of Christians visit this Holy Land every year, therefore, products made out of olive wood are a great hit amongst the tourists. Most of the Christian families in Bethlehem City make enormous profits out the olive wood products. These products are sold like ‘hot cakes’ during the Christmas time as the city is flooded by Christians Tourists during this time of the year.

Many new products are being constantly being added to the existing array of items that are crafted out of olive wood. Today, one can find some amazing pieces made by olive wood carvings. There are numerous options readily available across the counter. Many products such as crosses, music boxes, rosaries and Christmas tree ornaments, picture frames, covers for Holy Bible, candle holders and bases as well as scenes of the Holy Family and Nativity Sets., etc. are designed and carved to perfection to win the hearts of anyone one.

Most of these olive wood products are made from the Olive Wood provided from the nearby areas only. Olive wood branches are brought from the nearby villages and towns of Bethlehem City. These provide the raw material to create some astounding pieces of art. One can choose any piece according to their liking. These olive wood products are available all across the city and are a must buy for any visitor of Bethlehem. These products also make excellent gifting options for our friends and family.