"His branches shall spread, and His beauty shall be as the olive tree" (Hosea 14:6)

Handmade Christmas Gift From Bethlehem

Dacaret Factory sells handmade Olive wood crafted products from the Holy Land. These Christmas gifts are crafted by expert craftsmen in Bethlehem where Jesus was born. Our collection of gifts are ideal as Christmas gifts and even for all other occasions such as Easter, Anniversary Gifts, Baptism Gifts, Birthday gifts and even as a wedding gifts. Our products are all made from olive wood the tree of life as in the bible:

“The Wood is from the tree of life, those who embrace her; those who lay hold of

her will be blessed.” Proverbs 3:18

Every olive wood Christmas gift is unique in its veins and look; this is the fact that makes olive wood products special, a gift from the holy land could be a wonderful way to make your beloved ones happy. When you buy a gift from our collection, not only you bring a piece of Bethlehem to your home but also you are supporting all Christian that live in the holy land and who carve these products for you.

This olive wood set is a standard in olive wood industry; it is being produced for more than 20 years. The nativity set consists of the holy family, four shepherds, and two sheep, al with carved faces. In addition to an angel, palm tree, and a star in the middle of the Shell. This piece of olive wood is a perfect gift for your beloved ones on Christmas. It is a wonderful Christmas Gift for you and your family, and a great addition to you home decoration.